Agricultural production system

Sustainable agriculture and resilient food systems require farmers to adopt agri-food innovations.


Current objectives to harness agroecological functioning to improve the biological control of crop pests are conditional on a range of ecological, social, economic and cultural mechanisms that may hinder or support the success of such endeavours.

Agricultural production system

Mixed cropping is one of the strategies proposed for weed control, with potential to increase crop yield.

Farming practice

Agroecological intensification is progressively recognized as a potential solution to balance food production, biodiversity, and socio-economic and environmental sustainability.


The push-pull technology is a mixed cropping system practiced in smallholder tropical cereal farming in areas of East and Central Africa.

Climate change

Trees in agricultural landscapes are considered a remedy for climate change mitigation by storing carbon in soils and woody biomass.

Pest/disease controlPush-Pull in practice

We are having a chief’s baraza this weekend at the chief’s camp. We will discuss dangers posed by agro-chemicals and improved farming methods

Climate changePest/disease control

The impacts of climate change on resource-poor farmers are especially severe and include increased challenges with food security and food safety. This report explores how linking the frameworks of nature-based solutions, integrated pest management (IPM), and One Health can facilitate the design of climate-resilient plant health systems, with particular benefits for reduced pesticide use and exposure.

Push-Pull in practice

From Lab to Land brings together the voices of women scientists, agricultural extensionists and farmers from across eastern Africa

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🌟Over the past two days, at the General Assembly the partners engaged in discussions on sustainable farming practices to thought-provoking sessions on the intersection of work packages.

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