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This page gathers up-to-date spatial information on push-pull farms and contact centers for learning. Looking to learn about push-pull? Searching for seeds for planting? Scroll down to find current areas of push-pull farming, where to get inputs, training and join the market near you. Peek at environmental conditions maps (here) to see where you stand. You can also learn more online with the Push-pull App, Push-pull FAQ and our Knowledge repository.

Push-pull farms

This is the distribution of all push-pull farms that local authorities of Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda have recorded in selected regions. The selected regions in Ethiopia are Kewet and Dawa Chefa; in Kenya are Homa bay, Kisumu, Migori, Siaya, Kakamega, Vihiga; in Uganda are Kamuli and Iganda; in Tanzania is Mara; in Rwanda is Gatsibo.

UPSCALE Key PPT hotline contact points

Dickens Nyagol

icipe - Kenya

dnyagol @


ICIPE Mbita, Kenya

Moses Lutaakome

NARO - Uganda

mosesluta5 @


NARO - NACCRI, Namulonge, Uganda

Girma Hailu

icipe Uganda Coordinator - Uganda

ghailu @


icipe Country Office, Uganda

Ignath Rwiza

TARI - Tanzania

rwizaih @


TARI, Ukiriguru, Tanzania

James Mugisha

FH - Rwanda

jmugisha @


FH, Kigali, Rwanda

Andargachew Detebo

ISD - Ethiopia

detebo.andargachwe00 @


ISD, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Shifa Ballow

icipe Ethiopia Office - Ethiopia

sballo @


ICIPE Country Office, ILRI, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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The National Coordinator Partners (NCP) play a key role in the planning and implementation of the UPSCALE project in the five countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Their role cuts across all levels of activity, providing key support in the efficient organization of field work, field data collection, networking and dissemination among local communities and governments, and formation and spearheading of Multi Actor Communities of practice (MAC) around push-pull and sustainable intensification. Contact one of our NCPs for more information on how you can join the multi-actor community and support the spreading of nature-based solutions in your region.

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Find your local Push-pull Knowledge Centre and Input Supplier

Led by in-country partners, strategic technology learning sites were established in all target regions, and new sites identified for technology expansion. The learning sites take the form of Village Knowledge centres (ViKCs), most of which also serve as physical demonstration sites. ViKCs are community resource centres, agricultural training centres, farmer teachers, and agricultural development agents. Most of the ViKCs are already existing structures. As much as possible, the partners are leveraging existing structures that already have roots in the form of institutional integration, and recognition in the respective areas, and already function as learning centers for farmers and extension. Some have physical infrastructure like community meeting halls, training and demonstration venues, or local authority offices that are used for farmer meetings or nodes for distribution of push-pull training and dissemination materials, as far as possible in local languages. They are strategically located relative to target farmer groups to promote networking and inclusion. The ViKCs ideally include demonstration plots and are not restricted to UPSCALE focus regions. The centres are also used to monitor and evaluate feedback from farmers, and to track resulting adoption outcomes.

Seed Merchant

Knowledge Centre

National Coordinator Partners (NCP)

Find out how to do push-pull

To find out how to do push-pull, check the resources on this website (link), try the Push-Pull App (link) or check out the tutorials! (link)

This app helps you stepwise on how you can set up the push-pull farming system in your garden. Fall army worm, Striga and Nitrogen losses in maize and sorghum gardens will be no more when you use information in this application.

Join the market with e-Granary

e-Granary secures supply contracts, giving farmers a predictable and consistent market. The platform connects smallholder farmers clustered in viable economic producer groups at one end, and large off-takers at the other end. This ensures farmers are paid fair prices for their commodities and enabled to sell in bulk since partner off-takers have the capacity to purchase large quantities.