UPSCALE Knowledge Exchange Hub

Empowering Agriculture through Innovation

Discover the UPSCALE Knowledge Exchange Hub, a cutting-edge online platform revolutionising the way knowledge is shared and disseminated. Join us on a journey of sustainable intensification practices, push-pull technology and market insights, as we empower farming, research, policy communities, and society at large.

Informative and User-Friendly

Unleash the power of knowledge with our user-friendly Knowledge Exchange Hub. Navigate effortlessly through its intuitive structure, catering to diverse stakeholders and ensuring everyone can access valuable resources and insights.

Linked to Social Networks

Stay ahead of the curve with our Knowledge Exchange Hub, seamlessly integrated with UPSCALE’s vibrant social network channels. Be the first to receive up-to-the-minute project updates and actively engage in dynamic conversations shaping the future of agriculture.

Advocacy Knowledge Repository

Unlock a treasure trove of success stories, groundbreaking scientific papers, concise policy briefs, and illuminating best practice reports. Our Knowledge Exchange Hub serves as an advocacy knowledge repository, empowering you to drive positive change.

Regular Updates and Capacity-Building

Stay in the loop with regular project updates delivered right to your doorstep through the Knowledge Exchange Hub. Enhance your understanding and skills through targeted materials like captivating posters, engaging pamphlets, expert technical advisory notes, and enticing brochures. We empower you to make a difference.

Uncover the limitless possibilities of the UPSCALE project at our official website: Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for agriculture. Together, we can achieve greatness.