Pest/disease controlPush-Pull in practice

We reviewed two systems of small-scale cereal production in the tropics, the Mesoamerican milpa and the East African Push-Pull Technology, and present the advantages likely to be obtained by combining these technologies into a milpa Push-Pull system. In addition to… Continue Reading…

Multiactor communitites of practice

UPSCALE project has developed a transdisciplinary knowledge sharing and capacity building strategy with an aim of breaking the disciplinary barriers among multi-actor communities of practice (MACs) in East Africa.

Multiactor communitites of practice

UPSCALE forms and uses Multi-Actor Communities (MACs) of practice platforms to achieve effective transdisciplinary collaboration and participatory research approaches among UPSCALE partners and stakeholders at national and regional levels.

Climate changePest/disease control

Ili kuboresha ustahimilivu wa teknolojia ya climate-smart push-pull (CSPPT) dhidi ya mabadiliko ya hali ya hewa, majaribio yalihusisha mimea yaliochukuliwa kwa uwezo na faida zao; Brachiaria cv. Xaraes na Desmodium uncinatum zilifaa katika kudhibiti wadudu waharibifu wa mahindi na pia magugu ya striga, katika utafiti wa kulinganisha wa maeneo mengi magharibi mwa Kenya.

Climate changePest/disease control

To improve the resilience of the climate-smart push-pull technology (CSPPT) against climate change, we tested more adapted companion plants; Brachiaria cv. Xaraes and Desmodium uncinatum for their suitability in controlling maize pests and striga weed in a multisite comparison study in western Kenya.

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Striga weeds

Striga or 'witchweeds' are parasitic weeds that affect cereal crops in many parts of Africa, reducing production from 30 to 100%, or complete loss of the crop. If maize plants are attacked by both stemborers and striga weed, the yield... Continue Reading…

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I am delighted that our new contribution on smallholder cereal production is now published in @ASD_INRAE. We reviewed the ancient milpa and the PPT and propose their combination to maximize benefits.
@eap_martin @WoleOlagoke @upscale_h2020

'Fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda, is a serious invasive pest in Africa but “Push- Pull” companion cropping can substantially reduce infestation.'
#pestcontrol #agroecology #H2020

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