Most land reforms seek to enhance tenure security, encourage investments and thus promote economic growth.


Climate change already affects agriculture and food security, and if no urgent actions are taken, will put millions of people at risk of hunger and poverty.


In many developing countries, rural populations are heavily dependent on agriculture as well as different social services for their livelihoods. Yet access to adequate knowledge, improved technologies, financial services and other relevant social services remains a critical issue.


The report provides a unique quantification of the costs in terms of lost growth opportunities and an estimate of what societies, economies, and communities would gain if the gender gap in agriculture is addressed.

Agricultural production system

Agriculture Nature-based Solutions (Ag NbS) have high potential to help mitigate the negative effects of climate change and protect biodiversity in working landscapes around the world. However, relative to its potential, Ag NbS has not scaled-up. One barrier to scaling is that Ag NbS tend to be capital intensive, requiring significant amounts of public funding or private investment, or a blend of grants and investment capital.

Agricultural production system

Female farm­ers play a vital role in African agriculture, doing most of the work to produce, process, and market food. For instance, women produce 60-80 percent of the world’s food and in comparison, to men, face the burden of unpaid work, time elasticity, poor access to agricultural inputs as well as lower wages compared to their male counterparts. To better ad­dress their priorities and challenges, there is an urgent need to strengthen the voice and visibility of African women in the agricultural sciences.

Agricultural production system

There is a need for Africa to strongly embrace research and innovation to improve the food system’s performance. This can be achieved through sustainable financing of agricultural Research and Innovation (ARI).

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