Push-Pull in practice

In the competitive landscape of dairy farming, maximizing yields while minimizing costs is the key to success. The Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya created a leaflet for farmers with a strategic approach to cultivating Desmodium and Napier for increased milk… Continue Reading…

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Striga weeds

Striga or 'witchweeds' are parasitic weeds that affect cereal crops in many parts of Africa, reducing production from 30 to 100%, or complete loss of the crop. If maize plants are attacked by both stemborers and striga weed, the yield... Continue Reading…


Push-Pull Q&A Day 💭🌱

Q: Can desmodium be planted using vines?
A: Yes! This can be an easy and cheap method to plant desmodium for many farmers.

💭 See images and more on: https://upscale-hub.eu/farmers-guide-on-planting-a-push-pull-field-using-desmodium-vines/

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