This page gathers up-to-date spatial information on push-pull farms and contact centers for learning. Looking to learn about push-pull? Searching for seeds for planting? Scroll down to find current areas of push-pull farming, where to get inputs, training and join the market near you. Peek at environmental conditions maps (below) to see where you stand. You can also learn more online with the Push-pull App, Push-pull FAQ and our Knowledge repository.

Soil map

The soil fertility is calculated based on the soil types provided by Soil Atlas of Africa. We catogorized the soil fertilities into 5 groups (Excellent, Excellent if slope > 2%, Good, Marginal, and poor). Reference: Dewitte, O., Jones, A., Spaargaren, O., Breuning-Madsen, H., Brossard, M., Dampha, A., Deckers, J., Gallali, T., Hallett, S., Jones, R., Kilasara, M., Le Roux, P., Micheli, E., Montanarella, L., Thiombiano, L., Van Ranst, E., Yemefack, M., Zougmore, R., 2013. Harmonisation of the soil map of Africa at the continental scale. Geoderma, 211-212, 138-153.

Fertility Excellent

Fertility Excellent (if slope > 2%)

Fertility Good

Fertility Marginal

Fertility Poor

Fertility N/A